practically non-existent.

I’ve been reading the book, Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn to complete my goals for September. “This brillant story mixes the warmth of a good novel with the harsh reality of the persecuted church [in China].” My, this books is so challenging. I have zipped through a couple hundred pages in just a few sittings. Tears, smiles, joy, sadness, and a gripping cringe of emotions enlighten the turn of a page.

I am convicted. Do I regularly share my faith in Yesu (Jesus) with others? Would I endanger Augustine’s life to enable my enemies to come to know Jesus? Would I sing in jail? What if Shaun was killed, because he preached in our home; how would I respond? Would I house a Bible study in my flat if I knew governing agencies would burn down my belongings?

Those are difficult questions to answer as I am not accustomed to physical persecution. Though I am daily faced with the oppportunity for spiritual preparation to obey God and His word. I can respond to the above questions by being obedient to that which God has called me to do today. Am I faithful to have a joyful heart to do the dishes, change diapers, love my husband? Do I prepare to release Augustine’s life to the Lord by training him in the word, lifting him up in my prayer life, and my Christlike example to him? Do I value Christ in my thoughts and words rather than making my husband an idol? Am I too attached to my materialistic possessions?

Further, how am I daily preparing for spiritual warfare? Ephesians 6:12 states, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” We must arm ourselves for battle- whether spiritual or physical. Am I reading about heroes of the faith (books like the one above, biographies, etc)? Am I daily in the word and searching in its truth? Am I memorising scripture? When was the last time I fasted or practiced other spiritual disciplines? Am I being held accountable to remove sin in my life? Am I investing in younger Christians? Am I hearing the truths of older Christians? Am I evaluating my aim in life on a regular basis?

Though we do not live in a difficult area to claim Christianity, we can use resources like Safely Home to pray for our brothers and sisters who do not have the freedoms that we obtain.

How are you arming yourself for Battle? Press on dear sisters!

Thanks for reading!