To honor Shaun on his birthday, I thought I would list a few reasons of why I love him (thanks Melissa for the idea!).

  1. I love that you consistently pursue me daily, even close to three years after asking me to be your girlfriend.
  2. I love that you have Jesus’ salvation and are a living testimony to it!
  3. I love our marriage.
  4. I love you being a daddy to augustine.
  5. I love how you make us laugh from the second you come home.
  6. I love your humble servant attitude.
  7. I love your wisdom.
  8. I love your discernment which compliments my impulsive decisions!
  9. I love the way you motivate me to be a good wife, mom, student, friend.
  10. I love that you care about ethical issues, like taking care of the earth God created.
  11. I love that I can be myself around you.
  12. I love your sweet words that I am often a recipient of.
  13. I love saturday family days with you!
  14. I love that you are quick to repent of sin.
  15. I love that our conflicts never carry onto another day.
  16. I love that you enjoy window shopping and will even go without me at times!
  17. I love when you intiate leading our family towards areas where the Holy Spirit has convicted you.
  18. I love how much you read, you are seriously the smartest man I know!
  19. I love that you are efficient with your time.
  20. I love how disciplined you are at work, school, and even with family time.
  21. I love keeping you up late at night and looking at your silly tired face when I am hyper.
  22. I love when you cook us breakfast.
  23. I love that you love meat… and that you don’t complain when it isn’t in supper. 🙂
  24. I love that you support honoring our bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit and help us towards nutrition and exercise.
  25. I love when you surprise me with making the bed or the dishes or hanging the wet clothes, or vacuuming….
  26. I love how easy it is to think of things I love about you.
  27. I love how you give into watching my obsession with Marky Mark sermons 🙂
  28. I love discussing with you after sermons we listen to, and talking about how to change our lives for the gospel.
  29. I love when you come home with flowers for me.
  30. I love your chest when I need someone to cry on.
  31. I love when you wrestle and tickle augustine and hearing his screaming laughter.
  32. I love listening to you belt out augustine’s scripture songs.
  33. I love that you don’t let me fall into sin without praying about it and talking to me.
  34. I love when you kill bugs and lock the door at night to keep the monsters out.
  35. I love that outside of Jesus, you are completely and utterly my protector and provider. I enjoy being dependent on you.
  36. I love how you seek to emulate biblical manhood in our marriage and family.
  37. I love how you include me in decisions.
  38. I love that you give me money to fulfill areas where I want to be generous.
  39. I love when you are “in a ticklish mood” and hearing your high pitched laughter.
  40. I love that you are such man. your muscles, your beard, your dirty shoes, your masculine scent.
  41. I love that you make me weak in the knees.
  42. I love when you far supercede my expectations with presents and love.
  43. I love practing self-control with you in order to wise stewards.
  44. I love that you have a plan A, plan B, plan C, plan D, and plan E so that will we always be provided for.
  45. I love that you love lovely things.
  46. I love traveling all over the world with you.
  47. I love following you.
  48. I love your giddy smile when augustine crawls and pulls up on furniture.
  49. I even love that you are quick to remind me when I am being prideful by singing praise songs with my name in them.
  50. I love that you are such a romancer- unashamedly, from the day we started dating.
  51. I love that you are a decision maker in righteousness and not a people-pleaser.
  52. I love when we get to be generous together.
  53. I love how you don’t say anything when I am in a bad mood, and just let me come around in 45 minutes and apologize for being in a bad mood.
  54. I love the memory I have of you crying when reading/praying through Psalms because you were effected by God’s love so much.
  55. I love when we pray together each night before bed.
  56. I love when you open one eye when praying to make sure my eyes are closed.
  57. I love playing cards with you.
  58. I love when you play harmonica.
  59. I love your pursuit in theology.
  60. I love that you are not easily swayed.
  61. I love that I am your standard of beauty and that you do not set your eyes on other women or pornography.
  62. I love 5:00pm, because that is when you come home. 🙂
  63. I love your long hair.
  64. I love how quick you are to comfortably talk to homeless people, old people, or any others that are normally not noticed.
  65. I love your silly affection for “stretching out” (taking naps).
  66. I love drinking tea and coffee with you.
  67. I love that you always want to try something new on a food menu.
  68. I love that you would never intentionally harm me- not even a fear of mine.
  69. I love when I walk into the living room and you are reading your Bible.
  70. I love your silly affection with Mac stuff.
  71. I love that you love spending time with Augustine and it isn’t a chore to you.
  72. I love it when you pray for augustine before he goes to bed.
  73. I love hearing stories of your past and God has formed and shaped you to be the wonderful man you are today.
  74. I love that you still have the reciept from our first date.
  75. I love that you like treating me like a queen.
  76. I love that you want to have lots of children because God sees children as a blessing.
  77. I love when you wear your gap shirt and your banana republic trousers.
  78. I love that you are so physically attractive to me- I am drawn to you in a way I have never experienced with any person in the world.
  79. I love when we slow dance together.
  80. I love our walks around campus- both aberdeen and southeastern.
  81. I love that you have a heart for missions, and get excited about giving financially and taking trips to fulfill such causes.
  82. I love that you solve so many of my problems in a few seconds.
  83. I love that you do not set unreasonable expectations for me to prepare elaborate supper food.
  84. I love that you do set high expectations for me to love God and His word.
  85. I love that after the Lord, you love me next.
  86. I love how much you have pushed me towards Jesus in just a few short years.
  87. I love it when you call me wifey since that is what spurgeon called his cherished wife.
  88. I love that you watch girly movies with me.
  89. I love how you have changed your lifestyle to accomodate to my sensitivity.
  90. I love that we do ridiculous things to be frugal, and that we both do not care.
  91. I love that you do not have close friendships with women, but I alone have your heart.
  92. I love your blunt words.
  93. I love it when you and augustine wear matching hats.
  94. I love that you are nostalgic.
  95. I love that you read my blogposts… outloud. 😛
  96. I love that we are the closest of all relationships.
  97. I love when you think you can fool me by not telling me certain foods you snuck and purchased out to eat… and then I smell it in your breath. tee hee!
  98. I love it when you know what I am thinking.
  99. I love how making this list took such a little bit of time, literally just one sitting.
  100. I love that we share our Jesus together, and that our whole marriage is just an analogy of what is to come! Thanks for being my husband dear, dear, man. I love you!