Every wednesday of the month I am purposing to pray that the gospel and the local church might be made evident in my life (see September Goals). As such, I thought it would be fitting to share about someone whom I admire concerning this end.

[Melissa and I being silly on my wedding day]

My friend Melissa has been working through these gospel type prayers as she ministers on a college campus with an organization called Navigators. At Miami University in Ohio,  she has planned to spend time in Bible study, bible memorization, and conversation! She comments on her aim, “The Christian life is a journey of laboring in sharing the gospel and raising up followers of God who will continue to teach spiritual generations of disciples. ”

I was super encouraged by her words about a book she is reading entitled, “The Master Plan of Evangelism. She states,

Here is what the author says about the difference between relationships with the masses and investing in a few.

I have been thinking about how I like the applause of many…but really how much less spectacular it is to invest in a few. There will be large impact opportunities but I want the majority of my ministry to be in a few. So…I am praying for a few this year in Ohio. 😀
Here is where we must begin just like Jesus. It will be slow, tedious, painful, and probably unnoticed by people at first, but the end result will be glorious, even if we don’t live to see it. Seen this way, though, it becomes a big decision in the ministry. We must decide where we want our ministry to count–in the momentary applause of popular recognition or in the reproduction of our lives in a few chosen people who will carry on our work after we have gone. Really it is a question of which generation we are living for.”
Such great words Melissa. Join me in this type of prayer today as well as a prayer for Melissa!
Thanks for reading!