Are you in the midst of dirty diapers, in a season of constant training and discipline, stuck for creativity in family devotions, or weary of your God-given role?

In Ray Van Neste’s article on Pursuing Manhood, he aptly cites Elisabeth Elliot regarding the role of parenting with sacrifice. She says,

There is no getting around the fact that to give yourselves wholeheartedly to the rearing of children will eliminate you from a lot of activities your friends are enjoying and often from activities that seem to be obligations-not merely social, but perhaps church, family, business and civic ones. You will have to ask God for wisdom to choose and the guts to stick to the choice. (Don’t pay attention to you-owe-it-to-yourself talk. You owe nothing to yourself, everything to God.) [Elisabeth Elliot, The Mark of a Man (Grand Rapids: Revell, 1981), 160-61]

We can be refreshed today in remembering that our sacrifice is not a temporary investment, but rather of eternal significance. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice by dying for our sin on the cross. Likewise, we can imitate him (in a small way) in our daily efforts to honor him through sacrificial parenting. By denying ourselves, we are modeling the very virtues of Christ! Is training your child a tedious task? Recall today that it is a avenue toward Christward imitation and press on!

Where have you faltered from receiving God’s grace and strength today? Take a moment now to restore your soul in Him.

Thanks for reading!