Each month I am trying to post my goals to have a little online accountability to get my laziness moving towards righteousness! Here are the results of my August Goals


-Finish reading Exodus in my quiet times (A carry-over from last month). Have Shaun check out an Exodus Commentary this upcoming week from the divinity library. Check! Though, I still want this time to be more involved with a commentary, rather than only reading it when I have questions.

Listen to 5 sermons. Perhaps while making dinner or doing the dishes or folding the clothes. [Note: find free sermons at Mars Hill ChurchCovenant Life Church and Desiring God] Check! I listened to four Mark Driscoll sermons- three I listened to with Shaun from the peasant princess series, as well as another sermon on marriage from Proverbs. I also listened to two sermons from SEBTS, one from Danny Akin, and another from Michael Cloer. And one sermon from Noel Piper on Sarah Edwards (wife of Jonathan Edwards).


Make an effort to minister to Shaun this month- I feel like I have lacked in encouraging my husband from the way I used to encourage to him when we were dating. Here are some practical things I am going to purpose to do to change this. Check!

Encourage him by writing notes- both handwritten and on the computer. Check!

-Purpose to do something for him that would make me sacrifice. Check! Most of the time this meant watching augustine later in the day or allowing Shaun to work later at the office. I think it was good to purpose to deny my expectations for Shaun’s good. (though I could still drastically improve).

–Pray for him specifically every Thursday- and ask him how I can pray for him. Check, I think I would like to get a book to better equip myself in this area, as sometimes the prayer requests seemed to be the same from thursday to thursday.

–Help him memorise Romans 1. I made one effort to help him, and prayed. Other than that, I gave little effort, and it wasn’t memorised.

–Pray together every night. Mostly, check. This is very quickly becoming habitual- and I love it!

–Take a date night to a romantic dinner. Check! We went to a place called Pizza Express, similar to something like California Pizza Kitchen. It was a lovely time, and we followed it up by going to get ice-cream at Burger King. (tip: we love using our coupon book, it makes for great date nights!)


-Take Augustine to places that demonstrate God’s creation and purpose to explain to him about God’s goodness while we are there. Check, we took him to the beach and talked with him about who made it. We also took him to Crathes Castle and explained the beauty of God’s Creation there.

Pray through The Power of a Praying Parent- a carry-over from last month. I am going to do this every Tuesday of the month. Check! I am also dating the prayers that I am praying for him throughout the book, perhaps this will prove profitable someday.

-Play the new doctrinal Question and Answer cds for Augustine (he received from us for his birthday) at least twice a week. We played these cds way more than 2 times a week- augustine is loving it (and so are we)!

-Read to Augustine his new Jesus Storybook Bible (another birthday present) at least twice a week. Nope. this is still over Augustine’s head, and it was easier to teach him about Jesus in other ways besides this specific resource.

-Read Raising Godly Tomatoes. Ugh. you just don’t know how it pains me to say that I didn’t finish this book. I truly have soaked up the parts that I did read, and discussed it over and over with a wise friend of mine, but sadly, no, this still is not finished!

-Read through 4 chapters of Nutrional information from books I’ve wanted to read. I am going to read these books every Monday. also, no. I really did not have as much time to read this month as I normally do. I had a lot of evening activites, and those are the times I usually read. I read most of the first chapter from Eat Fat Lose Fat as well as a wealth of information on a drink called Kombucha. I did discover that Mondays are not a good reading day as I am usually working harder to catch up on chores from the weekend.

-Cook a new meal! Check, I made a chocolate coffee cake. I enjoyed it so much I switched some ingredients around and doubled the recipe- unfortunately, that did not work out. But the first time I made it- delicious!

-Visit a new cafe. We visited the Crathes Castle cafe and drank some tea coupled with crisps, it was delightful!

-Visit a new Castle. We visited Crathes Castle and thoroughly enjoyed it.


-Paint my fingernails and toenails. Check! Just did this yesterday!

-Drink more water. I purposed to drink more water, but there were still days that lunchtime had passed and I hadn’t had a sip! I was glad I made this goal, it was good to try to down at least a few pints of water a day. I discovered the best personal goal was to drink at least a pint by noon. I discovered I drank more water when I am home then when I am on the go.

-Walk outside on a regular basis. I walked more than I did last month, but I still not 100% where I would like to be. Fortunately I broke the keys to our car which enabled me to walk a lot more than what I was planning on!

-Start reading Randy Alcorn’s Safely Home. (Should you also want to read this book, order from Randy’s website as: All royalties received by the author and cover artist will be donated to help the persecuted church around the world.) UGH! again, reading this month did not go over as well as I would have liked. I read a good deal of godly information online, but I did not complete my goal to read this book, or even read page one for that matter. It will have to carry over to next month.

-Pray about how the gospel and local church can be made evident in my life. Pray this every Wednesday. Check! My what a difference this made in my life. Things have really changed in my life from last month by purposing to do this goal. One example (of many PTL), was an opportunity to minister to a homeless person outside my house who needed food- had I not been praying about this on wednesday, I never would have followed through on ministering. I know my sinful heart well enough to trust that I would have just kept on going about my day. But I couldn’t pray this prayer and remain unchanged.

Ok- so there you see my accomplishments and my faults. The Lord is to be praised for helping me through and for loving me despite my weaknesses. How was your month?

Thanks for reading!