This past week has covered a paper regarding the egalitarianism/complementarianism topic, and how it relates to women’s ministry in the home.

[See: Monday, Part I: An introduction and overview of egalitarianism. Tuesday, Part II: Implications for egalitarianism. Wednesday, Part III: An overview of complementarianism. Thursday, Part IV: Why complementarianism is a more biblically accurate account of the issues involved in gender roles. Friday, Part V: Practical roles for women’s ministry in the home within the view of complementarianism]

For further study in this field, Dr. David W. Jones, assistant professor of Christian Ethics at SEBTS, has compiled a helpful bibliography of resources which I advise you to consult. These books/articles are also extremely beneficial to answering questions which the brevity of my paper could not explain.

Marriage and Family Bibliography

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Which of these resources in the bibliography have you enjoyed? Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!