One of the gifts we purchased for Augustine’s birthday was a set of three musical cds from the organization Songs for Saplings. These cds are designed to teach children the truths of God through a format of questions and answers. It is one of  the easiest way for children (and adults!) to memorise Christian Doctrine. Why is doctrine important? We must articulate what we believe. We must have a grammar of faith that is testified through the word of God and primarily informed by Scripture. (See my personal doctrinal summaries on God, on theology for ministry,  on revelation, and on man).

Songs for Saplings have a wonderful mindset on instilling biblical principles. They affirm,

We create lively, fun songs that attempt to deliver the deepest of Biblical truth in a format that your children will love to listen to. It is our prayer that this music will continue to work around the world so that children can continue to hear these great truths from scripture. That they can learn about their God, how he cares for them, and that they can learn to love him more. Songs for Saplings works to get our music into the hands of as many people who will benefit by it in the most usable format to them. Songs for Saplings music is currently being used in Bangladesh, Malawi, Romania, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Zambia.

They support this missions mindset by offering group discounts to missions organizations and individual missionaries,

We make all of our CDs available at cost plus shipping to mission organizations who wish to buy CDs in bulk. To participate in this program, please contact us and we will work with you to place your order.
Offer to Individuals We also offer our CDs to any missionary families at $4 per CD plus shipping for their own use. To order, please contact us and we will work with you to place your order.

They have also participated in numerous missions trips spreading the gospel through music!

– 2008 Trip to Zambia and Malawi.
– 2009 Concert tour of the Southwest United States.
– 2009 Trip to Malawi to record Questions with Answers Volume 1 in Chichewa
[upcoming] 2010 Trip to World Harvest Missions World Missions Conference

If you are a regular customer looking to purchase this great music resource, it is $12.00 per cd, or $30.00 if you purchase all three cds (you can also listen to some of the music before ordering on their website). For UK orders see this link (You can order all 3 cds + ABC cd for £21.00)! Here is a little information about each cd:

Volume One: God and Creation contains the truths about God and His creation, included: what God did, why he did it, who we are, and how we should think and act. God has given us an amazing gift by making these truths known to us. Volume Two: The Fall and Salvation talks about what went wrong with the world, and what God did to fix it. It explains where sin leads and how God saves. We hope you and your little ones are encouraged by what God has done for us and how much he loves us. Volume Three: Christ and His Work explains why God sent Jesus, what work Jesus did to accomplish our salvation, and what He does still today. It explains about Jesus’ nature, what his roles (offices) are, and how he reconciled us to God. Heady stuff! But your kids are ready for it, and there’s no better time to start teaching them the deep truths of God.

There is also a fourth cd designed to help your child learn the alphabet by the truths of Scripture. “Songs for Saplings: ABCs is designed to teach young children the word of God as they study their ABCs. Parents and teachers will enjoy singing these simple songs with the little “saplings” in their care, as you help your little ones grow in righteousness and become like the cedars of Lebanon. (Ps. 92:12)”

I hope you will utilize this resource, my husband and I are consistently humming them around the house!

If you have one of these cds, what is your favorite song, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

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