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Recently I’ve been reading through the book, Raising Godly Tomatoes, (thanks to August Goals) and wanted to share a brief excerpt regarding the parent’s role in maintaining a consistent walk with the Lord. As Augustine is quickly growing, we have been trying to soak up all the parenting wisdom/resources available. I’ve emailed and facebooked around; preusing numerous books and articles. The topics are many: To spank, not to spank? How young to train, when is too late? What to speak when disciplining, when to be silent? Should we train our children or discipline them? I digress. It is easy to compare the disciplining styles of families around us and quickly become overwhelmed in the diversity performed. It is our holy calling, as mothers and fathers, to formulate our children in the ways of the Lord. I will stand before our God and give account for my parenting. I do not want to take this task carelessly. You can imagine my relief when I learned my primary job in parenting foundationally resides in three simple words: to love Jesus. This I can do! Elizabeth gracefully affirms,

In order to woo your child’s heart toward godliness, you must know God and His ways yourself. You must recognize and understand fallen, prideful human nature and its rebellion against God, and you must accept God’s remedy-the perfect, sacrificial work of Christ, wrought by His crucifixion and resurrection.

Once that is accomplished, further knowledge and understanding of Scripture enables us to know the character of God, what He requires of us, what we are to emulate, and what we are to be teaching our children. Written to and about human beings, the Bible is saturated with examples of every species of behavior. It is our one essential divine textbook for understanding the hearts of both God and men.

This Biblical understanding of human nature enables us to reflect back on how we thought and acted as a child ourselves. If we can remember what we were like, it will help us to discern the deepest thoughts and motivations of our children. So make Scripture reading your constant habit. Let the Bible reveal to you God’s heart; then let it reveal to you your own heart and then to help you in discerning and directing the hearts of your children. …the Lord weighs the hearts. -Proverbs 21:2

In an effort to increase your parenting, do you regularly make Scripture reading a frequent habit? Then stop now, and take a moment to do so! You (as well as your children) will be glad you did.

Thanks for reading!