I recently have been reading through a book on Intimacy entitled, Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage. [Read some of the book online here and buy a copy here.] I have been challenged by the different facets of intimacy that are necessary within a marriage. The authors further comment, “Intimacy is closeness with another person. Sex is often the first word we think of when we hear the word intimacy. Most people do not realize that there are other forms of intimacy that allow us to have an extraordinary marriage. The six forms of intimacy are”: Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Recreational, Financial, Physical.

Through discussing these different categories, Shaun and I decided to give a little more emphasis to the recreational side of intimacy in our marriage. The book suggests making a top ten list wherein each spouse individually makes a list of ten things they would like to do (i.e. shopping, a hike, a walk, etc) then compare the two lists and purpose to do activities that are similar on both lists. If none are similar, then write down 5 or 10 more activities you would like to do, and compare the lists until you find something you both have in common.

We decided to pursue playing cards. Though Slap Jack was fun, I have really enjoyed beating Shaun at Speed [insert his opposing comment here]. We used to play cards when we were dating, but hadn’t revisited this until recently. It has been so lively, that we now try to play a quick game before one of us has to leave the house!

So, pull out that deck of cards, and have some crisps (chips for you americans) and a drink waiting for your hubby after the kids have been put to bed. If you are anything like us-you will quickly wonder where the time flew by!

What recreational activities do you and your husband cherish? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!