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Want to know a secret? For the past year and a half, yours truly has had a large, gross and nasty wart on her thumb. I have tried a wart remover from the store- painful (ouch!) , and ineffective!

Recently, (thanks to my August Goals) I have been reading about the benefits of healthy fats in Dr. Mary Enig’s and Sally Fallon’s book entitled, Eat Fat Lose Fat. They (one of whom is a world-renowned biochemist and lipids expert) discuss the benefits of using saturated fats (like butter and coconut oil). These fats are “essential to weight loss and good health”. Here is a brief excerpt of their book regarding the topic of saturated fats. They state,

Found predominantly in animal fats and tropical oils like coconut oil and in lesser amounts in all vegetable oils (and also made within your body, usually from excess carbohydrates), saturated fats are structured so that all available carbon bonds are occupied by a hydrogen atom, which makes them highly stable and also straight in shape, so that they are solid or semisolid fat at room temperature. As a result of their unique composition, they are less likely to go rancid when heated during cooking and form dangerous free radicals that can cause a litany of ills, including heart disease and cancer. (p.9)

This shift from trans fats to saturated fats does indeed help with a litany of ills. Here are a few health problems can be restored by reintroducing good fats into your system: chronic fatigue, low energy, anxiety, depression, mood swings, thyroid imbalance, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, food cravings, gallbladder ailments, bacterial infections, fungal issues, viral infections, digestive problems, gas, bloating, skin problems, sagging and wrinkled skin, dandriuff, liver support, and WARTS! (see p. 14-15, 284).

Much to my surprise, by dabbing a little bit of organic, virgin coconut oil on my thumb- my wart has almost completely disappeared! Who knew this remedy would be so quickly effective (just two days) in comparison with the six week perscription I recently received from my general practioner.

What home remedies do you recommend? Leave a comment and let us know!

Thanks for reading!