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“A strong family finds its purpose in God (Eph 3:14-15), finds its hope in the gospel, finds its home in the local church.” -Gary & Betsy Ricucci

Yesterday I listened to Grant Layman’s sermon on Priorities. (I highly encourage you to listen to it too for free!) “Grant Layman warns us to guard against having our goals for the family influenced by the culture as opposed to the Word of God, and having good intentions which are never realized. He helps us see how good planning can lead to strong families.”

-He recommends setting specific days for your goals on the Calendar in addition to planning a goal sheet similar this one.

-He suggests checking your goals weekly in order to carry over unmet goals from one week to the next week.

-He warns Godly families to make goals so that good intentions do not fall by the wayside. Godly marriages and families do not just happen. We need a biblical definition of the family. (Does your family look any different from the world? We must not allow the culture to solely set the agenda for our families)

-He exhorts Christians to set the most important priorities on the goal sheet; otherwise life will fill up one’s time with secondary activities.

-He encourages Christians to work by grace-motivated effort; as such, a good schedule is flexible!

And so, here are some of my goals for August….


-Finish reading Exodus in my quiet times (A carry-over from last month). Have Shaun check out an Exodus Commentary this upcoming week from the divinity library.

-Listen to 5 sermons. Perhaps while making dinner or doing the dishes or folding the clothes. [Note: find free sermons at Mars Hill ChurchCovenant Life Church and Desiring God]


– Make an effort to minister to Shaun this month- I feel like I have lacked in encouraging my husband from the way I used to encourage to him when we were dating. Here are some practical things I am going to purpose to do to change this.

–Encourage him by writing notes- both handwritten and on the computer.

–Purpose to do something for him that would make me sacrifice.

–Pray for him specifically every Thursday- and ask him how I can pray for him.

–Help him memorise Romans 1.

–Pray together every night.

–Take a date night to a romantic dinner.


-Take Augustine to places that demonstrate God’s creation and purpose to explain to him about God’s goodness while we are there.

-Pray through The Power of a Praying Parent- a carry-over from last month. I am going to do this every Tuesday of the month.

-Play the new doctrinal Question and Answer cds for Augustine (he received from us for his birthday) at least twice a week.

-Read to Augustine his new Jesus Storybook Bible (another birthday present) at least twice a week.

-Read Raising Godly Tomatoes.

-Read through 4 chapters of Nutrional information from books I’ve wanted to read. I am going to read these books every Monday.

-Cook a new meal!

-Visit a new cafe.

-Visit a new Castle.


-Paint my fingernails and toenails.

-Drink more water.

-Walk outside on a regular basis.

-Start reading Randy Alcorn’s Safely Home. (Should you also want to read this book, order from Randy’s website as: All royalties received by the author and cover artist will be donated to help the persecuted church around the world.)

-Pray about how the gospel and local church can be made evident in my life. Pray this every Wednesday.

What are your August Goals- Feel free to leave a link in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!