It was about this time a year ago that I was finishing up my last day of work. I was nannying for two year old twins from 7:30am-4:30pm every monday as well as working a few shifts at Pro-Activ Solution Kiosk in the Crabtree Valley Mall (where Shaun was currently manger) and Triangle Town Center Mall. I was due on Saturday, August 1st- and we were kinda happy that Augustine was due in August as we felt his name could easily be shortened to August as a nickname. However, literally about a half hour after I finished nannying on Monday, July 27th, my water broke, it was almost like my body knew that work was over and now it was time for a baby.

The Lord was gracious to show me that I had a lot to prepare for this big day and the ones to follow. As such, here are a few of the things I did: Shaun and I took an intensive birthing class one friday afternoon/evening. I walked a ton in a nearby park and mall as well as swam laps in the pool til I was a raisin! I drank tons of water, filled myself with yummy healthy foods and daily vitamins. We took maternity photos with Carol Forrest (also our wedding photographer), and Shaun surprised me with a maternity session from Nancy Ray Photography as well. We registered for baby stuff, attended our baby showers, and designed Augustine’s nusery with our new gifts. We made goodie bags and thank-you notes for the hospital personnel. We froze meals and organized lots of things in our home! Shaun even worked out financial budget enabling me to work less this summer before I was due in order to invest time soaking up the wisdom of other moms that I admired- so with a journal, a pen, and a lot of questions my  journey began! Besides asking my own mother a ton of questions, I also was able to personally meet: Dawn Jones (4 kids), Tara Dew (4 kids under 4 years old), Shannon Oaks (4 kids under 4), Sadie Hicks (3 kids under 5), and Angela Gravely (2 kids under 4). In addition to some great over the internet advice from Christy Campbell (5 kids), Debra Liter (4 kids), and Mary-Lindsey Blanton (4 kids under 5). And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a  La leche League meeting (which I found extremely awkward). [Thanks so much dear dear women, I would not be who I am without your kindness to invest in me and share your experiences of how God helped you raise young children!] In upcoming blogposts, I hope to list some helpful information for new mommies including book resources!

But, back to the birth story- my water broke, but it was more like a trickle, nothing dramatic like the movies. I called into my OBGYN and she said to head to the hospital. Since I had just finished working, I asked if I could take a shower before I came, and my doctor replied that since I was not in pain, I could take my time. I decided embrace that answer fully and after my shower, I made up the bed, grabbed my hospital bag, and went shopping to Target. There was a cute pink pj outfit I had been wanting, and after I called Shaun regarding the scenario of my watering breaking- he chuckled and said, “How do I tell a woman whose water just broke that she can’t have what she wants?”

After Target, I drove to Crabtree and met Shaun, and we followed each other to the nearby hospital. I checked in to the hospital, received an IV as well as an update. I was around 5 cm and having contractions (but I couldn’t feel them!). Since I was doing fine, they moved me to a room to try to get some sleep (as it was around 9 pm). We called all our family and informed them of the happy news and told them to delay coming to the hospital as I wasn’t in pain. My OB doctor was in surgery with another woman and would come see me when she could wrap things up. Little to our knowledge this surgery would be one of the longest surgeries the doctor had preformed, she eventually had to call in another doctor from my practice to see us.

The night was uncomfortable- not because of pain, but because the IV of fluids made me have to use the bathroom every hour. Shaun’s family arrived and he spent the early hours of the night talking to them in the downstairs waiting area of the hospital. Around 5am a doctor arrived to see me (yay!) and she decided that in a few hours, if I had not dilated any more (which I hadn’t) I would be put on pitocin. I asked her if I could eat anything as I was starving (because you aren’t allowed to eat in case of a emergency c-section) and she said I could have a popsicle. So I had 3 double-sided popsicles.

After I received the pitocin, it only took a little over an hour of this type of hard and unnatural labor for me to ask for an epidural. I asked the anesthesiologist to give me as many details of the procedure as possible while applying the epidural as I was a bit nervous. Though I meant for him to tell me details such as when he would put in the needle, when he would apply the pressure, etc- I instead received a history lesson on who invented the epidural and when it began to be used (I was very uninterested to say the least)!

Unfortunately after a half hour of hoping the epidural would take effect, I had to ask for another dose of the pain medicine to be applied- and then I experienced some serious relief. I watched an episode of friends, but had to turn it off because it made me laugh and somehow that was painful. I chatted with my mom for a bit and checked the numerous text messages I received of congrats on my new boy (which had ironically not arrived). The doctor came in at around 1:30pm and re-evaluted my situation to tell me that I had increased dilation and she wanted me to labor-down (lay on my right side for a half hour and then lay on my left side). The only problem was that my epidural did not work nearly as well when I was on my side (as the position of your body will alter the effect of the medicine).

Though, after an hour, the doctor checked again and replied that I was 10 cm and ready to push! The best I can describe pushing is akin to the hardest workout you will ever experience. Thankfully, after 10 minutes, Augustine popped his head out and we were parents! The doctor sewed me up (only a first-degree tear) and pushed out the rest of my placenta. At 2:41 pm weighing 7lbs and 20.5 inches Augustine Timothy Price was born. We will never be the same thanks to this sweet little boy.

that’s all for now!

Thanks for reading!