Living overseas has challenged our ways of creating personal relationships with our loved ones back home. As a picture captures a thousand words, we have tried to update Augustine’s growth through taking lots of photos. A resource I would recommend that has helped our family is I simply upload an album of our latest photos (I can edit the photos as well for red-eye, cropping, etc). Label it accordingly (i.e. Augustine 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc). Then click the option to email the link to my family and friends (list as many email addresses as you like), and include a personal note explaining what they are about to view. This a condensed version of what the email looks like (You can click on the “You’re Invited” line to see the photos yourself!).

You’re Invited to View Joy’s Album

photo at walmart

9-12 months Augustine
89 photo(s)

A Note From

Hi family and friends!
We hope each of you are doing well!
This is an updated photo album of Augustine (and us)! I thought you might like to see this since we are far away. You don’t have to buy any photos to view them. Once you are done, you can simply delete the email or you can order prints or create Photo Gifts should you want to. Enjoy! We miss each of you and look forward to seeing you around the holidays.
In Christ,
Shaun, Joy, and Augustine Price
The nice aspect of this type of photo sharing allows the viewer to choose the option of how to respond. They can simply view the photos for free and then discard the email. They can order the photos to be shipped straight to their door (in this case, all 89 of the photos only cost $8.63 with tax and shipping!). They can order a memory book of the photos for around $10.00 (with tax and shipping). Or they can create any other number of photo gifts: mugs, t-shirts, posters, mouse pads, etc. Walmart also enables me to create photo postcards and greeting cards for as little as $.28 to ship for special occasions like birthdays and holiday greetings. Overall, we have been very satisfied and hope that this is a helpful resource for you too!
What do you use to stay in touch with relatives?
Thanks for reading!