Scotland has certainly influenced our consumption of tea- we drink it all the time! We have also savored trying other types of tea apart from the common British Breakfast that is often paired with a sweetie (any sweet dessert). One easy way to make your tea last longer is to turn it into iced tea. There is a nearby store that sells loose-leaf tea and we enjoy brewing it in our french press. Simply add a few tablespoons of loose leaf tea to the bottom of the french press, add hot water, and then let steep to desired taste.

Finally, add a sugar of your choice (we use natural sweetners like maple syrup or honey) to the remaining amount of hot tea and pour into a decorative pitcher. Let cool in refrigerator for a few hours (or add a few ice-cubes for a faster fix) and wha la! No more throwing away leftover hot tea!

What are your fast and fun recipe secrets?

Thanks for reading!