Yay for the lovely month of July. Everything is in full bloom and it looks and feels fantastic!

Shaun and Augustine at Aberdeen's beach (5 minutes from our house!)

A few goals (academically, spiritually, emotionally.. any other word that ends with “lly”)…

-Finish my Christian Theology class by July 26th

-Write a 12-15 page paper defending complementarity and women’s ministry therein.

-Study and take three exams

-Finish reading J.I Packer’s Knowing God

-Finish reading and journaling through C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity

Write out doctrinal summaries of what I believe about: the doctrine of man, revelation, God, and why theology matters in the church.

Finish reading Exodus in my quite times

-Visit Megan in Prague

-Visit Shaun’s former roomate in Germany

-Go see Letters to Juliet and eat a romantic dinner with my husband on a date night

-Write a postcard to encourage someone

-Work with augustine on walking and talking

-Pray for Augustine through The Power of a Praying Parent with Shaun

-Make a concerted effort to pray with Shaun every night

-Cook a new nutrious recipe

-Visit a castle and try a new cafe

-skype a friend from home and catch up on a conversation

-Read “Raising Godly Tomatoes” and implement Godly wisdom in discipline

-Budget our finances by plugging them into google documents

What are your goals?