In an article entitled, Into the Maintstream, Mary Kassian develops a chronological assessment of how feminism has entered into the mainstream thought. As women who desire to follow God and his word, it is important to analyze how the world has influence in our identity as women in opposition to God’s instructions for women. Kassian describes what feminism has presented for this generation. She states,

“The feminist ideal espouses a woman’s need for a career. In the past, homemaking was regarded as a noble and viable occupation, but now women who do not pursue higher education are deemed to have wasted their potential. Paid employment is regarded as the only type of work with significant social worth. Work in the home and caring for children has been devalued—relegated to the domain of the menial. Pushing women out of the home into the workforce was feminism’s way of giving women more choice. But it has, in essence, given them less. It has created an economic culture in which few women are able to choose to stay home to nurture their families. For some, the economic reality makes this choice virtually impossible. But according to the feminist ideal, a woman can have it all—a high-powered career, happy, well-adjusted children, and a healthy marriage (having a husband is, of course, optional). She can climb the corporate ladder, help her children with homework, drive them to extra-curricular events, pursue personal hobbies, develop professionally, volunteer in the community, connect with friends and family, and have the time and energy left over to stay fit, sexually attractive, and sexually active. After all, she is strong and invincible. She is woman.”

I highly encourage you to read this article and evaluate where you have been influenced, perhaps unaware. What does God call us to be doing?

Mary K. Mohler in an article entitled, Motherhood Matters  clarifies our God-given calling. She says,

“Yes, motherhood is God’s idea. No improvement is needed. He purposefully created women to carry, give birth to, nurse, nurture, teach, and tenderly love our children in a way unique to our gender.”

She further challenges her audience by stating,

“Motherhood matters because it’s God’s idea; because he wants us to train the leaders of tomorrow; and because he has lots to teach us as moms as we allow him to teach our children with excellence… God allowed you to impact your children today as only you can, and tomorrow is another fresh opportunity to be an even better mom to the glory of God alone. May God raise up an army of believers who will change tomorrow’s world. May our children be leaders in that army.”

As mothers, we must not sit back and allow our culture to shape our thoughts. We must be on guard to think critically and allow the Bible to guide criteria of a mother’s identity. What books are you reading? What are you incorporating into your educational diet?

I hope you are challenged, I know I was!

Thanks for reading!