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I have recently been meditating on a sermon by Carolyn Mahaney and wanted to include some of my notes (which are heavily indebted to the sermon) in this post (I have been listening through a bunch of her sermons in case you haven’t noticed). Please listen to it yourself- it is a free download and wonderful exhortation.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being on the computer. And the very fact that you are reading this internet post might say something about yourself. I find a relaxing component to reading through blogs, browsing on facebook, or surfing the web. However, if we were to question how much time we spend on average it is rather outstanding.

Sure there are many advantages we dervive from the internet- shopping, catch up with long lost friends or new ones, cleaning tips, recipes, answer to almost any question, opportunities to take advantage of great resources like sermons and blogs.  But the amount of time spent unprofitably and aimlessly- given our priorites as wives and mothers- we cannot afford to waste this amount of time wasting on the internet. I can certainly attest to being tempted to waste time browsing the internet. When your morning coffee is brewing, have you ever decided to check your email for 5 minutes whichends up turning into a 20 minute excerpt and your devotional time is missed? Checking an email turns into answering an email; reading a headline turns into reading a whole article, so on and so forth.

Perhaps we should consider setting a boundary for ourselves. Something like: don’t check the internet until you have your husband and children settled for the day and devotion accomplished. D. A. Carson states, “Are we sacrificing the important on the altar of the noisy?” Meditate on keeping the most important things the most important. Maybe we should consider limiting our time on the internet. We need to make sure our time is spent shaped by biblical priorities not the latest distraction. One way to spend our time glorifying God is through reading.

John Piper recommends that you set a goal to read 15 minutes a day. A slow reader might read something like 200 words a minute (which is around the same that you speak)- that is 5474 minutes in a year multiply that times 200 words a minute- you would have read 1 millon 94 words in a year! The average book has 360 words per page-which would translate to 3, 041 pages in one year. That is ten very substantial books in just 15 minutes a day! That is very do-able!  And that is worth doing! Perhaps one specification to this challenge of reading is to invest in reading a book or two on Biblical Womanhood, this will help us to model and teach this truths to the women in our church and life. AND you can read these books for FREE on the INTERNET!(Check out this link for free journal articles and online books)

Why not consider keeping up that link whenever you are on the internet? This way, when you are tempted to browse facebook for another time, you can choose righteousness instead and read an article without having to put the computer down. I cannot tell you how much I have already learned from this small discipline. I am not any where close to where I would like to be (as far as decreasing my internet consumption) but I hope this message by Carolyn will also encourage and challenge you.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!