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So, I am kinda excited.. tomorrow I am receiving a full gallon (separated by two pint jars) of raw milk delivered to my doorstep. That’s right whole, organic, non-homoginised, non-pasturised milky goodness straight from a local cow that was milked Monday evening and this morning. Why you may ask? A few weeks ago I was listening to a sermon on beauty by Carolyn Mahaney. She challenged her audience to examine why we pursue healthy eating. Do you eat a salad because you want to look skinny? Do you avoid extra brownies and cookies because you want to drop a few pounds that you might have recently gained from the Christmas holiday? Instead we should train our minds to think on glorifying God with our temple of the Holy Spirit. Maybe we should be asking, “Does this salad glorify God?” What is in flour that I use for baking all the time; does it give me energy and nutrients to further the kingdom? Am I exercising enough to glorify God for my responsibility of playing well with Augustine or building my muscles to execute (with cheefulness) the household requirements that lie before me? If we as women do not take this responsibility for our families, no one else will.

I consulted a few wise women who came to my mind when I thought about ladies who are consistently glorifying God and making an effort to be informed in their eating. (isn’t interesting that these two attributes go hand in hand?) Here are a few books I have recently purchased (from their suggestions) to get a head’s up on this sort of information. Eat Fat, Lose Fat (Sally Fallon); Maker’s Diet (Jordan Rubin); and Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon). These books spefically address how certains fats are good for your body, and give you the energy you need to survive! It also dicusses how important it is to get rid of filler foods and switch to real food.

A brief comment on the books from Beth Mckenzie (quoted from a sweet email in which she answered a ton of my questions),

“Eating healthy is counter culture because the “low fat” diet is the right way to go according to the powers that be.  When in actuality, God in His infinite wisdom, created foods for us that minister to our bodies – like meat, eggs, oils, fruits and veggies.  We’re told that saturated fats are not good for you – they’ll clog your arteries when really they are very needed and important.  Many overweight people are in their predicament because they have starved their bodies of good fats, which then signals their body to hold onto the fat that it has. It really makes sense when you think about God being sovereign over what He made for us to survive on – we just keep messing it up by trying to create foods with a longer shelf life.  (i.e hydrogenated oils)…”

Like eating healthy fats, raw milk is another way to receive those nutrients. Here are a few facts about why you should switch to Raw milk if possible:

  • Pasteurised milk sold in supermarkets has been heated to 72C for 15 to 30 seconds in order to extend shelf life . This destroys healthy bacteria that helps protect the gut against disease. The destruction of one of nature’s most effective probiotics, has led to the creation of the probiotoc yoghurt drink – many of which are laced with sugar, colourings and flavourings! Hardly a fitting replacement.
  • Raw milk has been proven to cure conditions such as asthma, eczema and hayfever. Just a couple of glasses a week can reduce the chances of developing eczema by almost 40 per cent and hayfever by 10 per cent.
  • Raw milk more than halves levels of histamine, a chemical pumped out by cells in response to an allergen. The milk contains bacteria that help to prime the immune system.

Though I doubt that Shaun and I will be able to afford a complete switch to raw milk (as prices for it are super high here in Scotland), we are looking forward to an opportunity to bless the bodies God has given us with some great nutrients tomorrow, as well as an opportunity to get informed about what we are eating!

More to come I am quite sure! How do you glorify God with what you eat?

Thanks for reading!