Shaun is at an Ethics Forum today in Edinburgh, and we miss him already! Here are a few recent snaps of Shaun playing with Augustine I thought I’d share….

and a few of augustine hanging out in the covers…

A few reasons why we love Shaun:

  1. He loves Jesus more than us, and doesn’t make us an idol. I love that we don’t have unreasonable expectations to live up to. Shaun accepts us as we are!
  2. He is wonderful protector and provider. Always working hard to give not only what we need, but suprising us with many of our desires. He consistently asks about our welfare and makes sure that we are cared for as best as he can.
  3. He is disciplined. From financial work to school work- Shaun is not slack in assignments or goals. He inspires me not to procrastinate but to work heartily throughout the day.
  4. He is wise. I love that I can trust Shaun in the small things and larger decisions (like moving to Scotland!). He is who I run to for advise, as he has a lot more experience and wisdom than I do.
  5. He is such a good husband and father. Augustine’s face lights up when daddy comes home, and mine does too! He is always helping clean up around the home, and voluntarily plays with Augustine. We are thankful for him in our lives!

We love you Shaun!

Thanks for checking up on us!