This is one of many aspects of Scotland that I absolutely love! I have yet to take advantage of ordering groceries here until now- but evidently it is a pretty big deal! For as little as £3.50 you can order groceries and have them scheduled to be delivered at specific times in the day. AND- they will deliver them to your doorstep (which is great considering that I live on the 3rd floor [american style, fourth floor]).

So, first thing tuesday morning when we returned from our trip I received a call from the buzzer. Check out all this stuff this sweet man carried all the way upstairs. I will miss this part of Scotland for sure!

It all came on one sheet of paper with everything I ordered- how cool?!

Forgive me for my delay in posting as quickly as I would have liked, however you can find all the pictures of our trip here. And perhaps I can upload a video of some of the stuff very soon as well!

Thanks for reading!