I have been attending a Bible Study every other week with a precious set of women here in Aberdeen. We are reading the book entitled, A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World by Paul E. Miller.

This past week I was reading through chapter sixteen which includes a brief discussion on the Lord’s Prayer. He comments on our daily bread by saying, [p. 141 (&142)] “I suspect that your refrigerator or your checking account have ‘tomorrow’s bread’ already there.” How true this is indeed! A few practical questions came to mind as a source of accountability for me:

What specific securities do you take for granted when you consider “tomorrow’s bread”? What practical solution can you implement this week to praise God for these securities He has already provided for you and avoid taking them for granted? Have you ever experienced the loss of a security and have a testimonial of how God provided for you?

This evening, Shaun and I experienced (in an extremely small way) a lack of one of these such securities. Since we are staying in a hotel, I was washing Augustine’s bottles and the hand pump in the bathroom sink. Without thinking I disassembled the parts to the pump and put them all in the sink before plugging the drain. One of the smallest pieces to the pump slipped down the drain. Oh no. What will I do now? Thoughts raced through my head… We are away from home, I have no spare parts. If I can’t pump then Augustine won’t have milk on the plane tomorrow or the other three plane trips later this week or when he needs it during the day. There isn’t a place to get the part here this late at night or before we leave on the plane tomorrow. I quickly called for Shaun to come in and examine the scenario. “Shaun PRAY NOW!” I exclaimed. I knew there was virtually no way to get this part, but at this point, God was the only one who could do something about it. We have been reflecting in this study about praying to God in every circumstance- big, little, happy, sad, seemingly boring- pray anyways! Needless to say, God answered our prayers through enabling Shaun to take apart the drain pieces (very carefully though tedious) and retrieve the missing piece. I share the story not to affirm that God always answers your prayers the way we want them to be answered. He easily could have said no and we would have reason to praise Him. Yet, I think it is good to reflect and remember that God is the one who is over all things and He can be called upon.

How is your prayer life? How do you relate?

Thanks for reading!