I am thankful for such a time as this. The Lord has graciously blessed us with the opportunity to live in Scotland for a few years. With that comes culture shock as well as exciting adventures. The next few days, Shaun has prepared (As a birthday present) a trip for us to take a train to Edinburgh to see its famous castle and then fly to Rome for a few days, and later onto Milan to see one of our dear friends, Amber Bowen. I hope to post some pictures of the new sights and experiences as we have access to internet. Until then, i thought I’d post a few of the things that are different here so you ‘mericans can see what we’ve been upto…

-Today on the train a guy pulled out a hot, sealed, teapot of tea with his cup. These people are serious about tea. I personally am enjoying every minute of this change. Many families even have tea time- why didn’t we think of this?! I love the concept of sitting down, relaxing, and enjoying a cup of comfort. In America I think we can get trapped into being too busy at times. It is nice to enjoy family and friends here in a laid back culture.

-They are not to big on the dishwashers and dryers (called tumble dryers here). Though these appliances can be found, it is not uncommon at all to have a flat without them (like ours). I have finally settled into a routine of doing a load of laundry every morning so I can have it hung out throughout the day, and dry over the radiators by night. It truly is a system- but I find that I have developed a big sense of accomplishment after the clothes are cleaned finished.

-No cars! Again, they have cars here, but walking is huge! You walk everywhere and it is not at all uncommon for us to walk a couple of miles a day. I am glad that my temple of the Holy Spirit is finally being honored through exercise- I didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked back home, and now I get to nearly every day as I travel to church, play groups, and most regularly- the grocery store.

-Digestives and shortbreads! These biscuits (cookies for you all) are amazing and it is easy to find a whole aisle just full of these wonderful “sweeties” to accompany your tea time. I will sorely miss enjoying these biscuits whenever the Lord moves us to another location.

That is just a few things for now to keep you all updated on my life changes.

Thanks for reading!