I am finding that so many areas of my beliefs and doctrine are coming into question with differing views from strong supporters. I’m currently reading through Divorce and Remarrige (edited by Wayne House). Who knew that doctrine could conflict so strongly over a reading of the same passages. How can the same passages promote some parents to hate books like To Train up a Child (the recent inunendo with Michael Pearl) and others to find his writings to align well with Scripture. How do the same passage allow some to act and live in completely opposing ways from others who read and respond to these truths. How can people strongly pray believing that God supports their decision, while the opposing party prays the same thing?

The Bible is not subjective. We cannot read into Scripture with our own biases and preconceived ideas. We need to be humble in our exegesis of Scripture. We need to exegete Scripture with the whole of the Bible in view. We musn’t give up because it is rigourous and difficult. We need to strive to work through these gray issues.

just some of the thoughts at the moment to put out into cyberspace. …