To be quite honest, ever since Augustine was born I have struggled to establish a daily time of reading Scripture and prayer journaling. Prior to becoming a mommy, it seemed that there was always more time in the day to squeeze in a devotional if I had skipped it in the morning, or even to use time at night for this pursuit. Yet, Augustine has been sleeping through the night since he was 9 1/2 weeks old- so I really have no excuse as to why I cannot create this time. As I have asked for prayer with my prayer partner and friends in a mother’s Bible Study- The Lord has answered my pleas. Theses prayers as well as a few other resources (sermons, books, godly counsel) are listed below as to how I have learned to re-establish the Bible time my sinful heart yearns to thrive on.

Get rid of the Internet– Carolyn Mahaney (I’m not obsessed I promise- just love her!) advises that far too much time is spent on the Internet browsing carelessly, instead of in the word and in prayer. She suggests, along with my husband- that I not even get on the Internet until I have read my Bible. Even with this discpline (though I do not always follow), internet time can still take the hours you will never get back- consider limiting the time. [yes, blogging is a source of this too]

Listen to the Bible through audio. A friend shared this helpful suggestion, “…Reading the Bible in a year using the one-year-bible reading scheme. There is a guy who reads it online every day and does a wee bit of a commentary. I sometimes listen to it as I’m tidying up the kitchen or making dinner, so hearing the work as I do the jobs that need done. It’s a lot to commit to reading but I’ve found it really helpful in getting a bigger picture of God and understanding the Bible as a whole. ” The link is listed below.
Avoid doing chores! Crazy right?! Assuming that you are trying to do a quiet time during a child’s nap, this peaceful time can easily be spent finishing up chores from yesterday and knocking out the new ones. However, I think most of our husbands could care less about an extra load of laundry accomplished if that time was spent cultivating a cheerful heart out of the exhortations of Scripture.
Have Bibles open several places throughout the house. This link was also shared with me- I encourage you to read it. The article tells of a woman with three little children who struggles with time in the word. Her solution is to have Bibles spread throughout the rooms of her house. This enables her to read a few verses while she makes a bottle, changes a diaper, etc.
Pray! I cannot emphasize this enough. The Lord wants your time to be devoted to him, if you ask Him, he can help.
What are your struggles? What have been your solutions?
Thanks for reading!