One of my newer favorite blogs is this one. Carolyn Mahaney is one of a few women that upkeep the blog and they regularly have extremely helpful information. The latest blogpost includes a entry on “The Snare of Compare”, I have included it for you below:

How do we respond when someone else gets what we want? We compare our situation to theirs. We measure our lot against theirs—especially if we think they have it better than we do.

Why can she eat whatever she wants and stay so skinny and I just look at a piece of chocolate and gain 5 pounds?

Why does she have that gorgeous face and I look so average?

Why can she barely study and make a 4.0, and I have to work so hard for a 2.5?

Why does she have such a beautiful voice and I can’t even carry a tune?

Why can she decorate and sew and paint and do photography, and I can’t even make a pillowcase?

Why does she get pregnant without trying and I am still infertile after all these years?

Why is she married at 20 and I am 35 with no man in sight?

Why does her husband lead their family and mine won’t initiate anything spiritual?

Why does she have a big beautiful home for just the two of them when our family of seven is still crammed into this little townhouse

Ever had thoughts like these?

I knew I wasn’t alone. Whenever we face things in our lives that we don’t want but can’t change, we are tempted to sinfully compare ourselves with others.

The apostle Peter was also tempted to compare. In our new series we’ll consider what the Lord said to Him, and what He says to us.

What resources do you utilize to fill your mind with godly principles?

Thanks for reading!