I love my husband, he has a way of refining me more like Christ in many different avenues. My background of birthday celebrations were to honor the person as much as possible, weeks in advance. My grandfather enjoyed celebrating birthdays and my mom doubled his tradition to the max. It was a lot of fun, and I have  many good memories of being loved and cared for.

then I met Shaun…

For years (before he met me) on his birthday he would leave town to go reflect about his life. He would read biographies of past heroes of our faith, pray, and thank the Lord for his past and future days of life. Sometimes, he would see no one on his birthday.

We complement each other well as we bring opposing backgrounds and differences to our marriage and family. Shaun has adapted to spoiling me rotten on my birthday, and in the same vein, I am learning to care less about myself on a day that can lure me into being solely focused on self.

Christ’s birth was in a humble setting, yet celebrated by shepherds, wise men, Mary and Joseph. Both celebration and humilty. Granted I think I have much more to learn about humility than Shaun does about celebrations, but I am always amazed at how God intricately uses both of us to draw each other closer to himself. I am also amazed at Christ. ..

What are your birthday celebrations? What ways have you learned to keep your eyes off yourself?

So long 22 year old!

Thanks for reading!