Perhaps some of you were wondering how the sleeping arrangements work for living in a one bedroom flat. Augustine and I thought we would share a few photos to help you understand. Below includes the master bedroom. ..

I thought these were particularly cute, augustine managed to get himself stuck in between the pillows…

On a completely different note, yesterday I received my first bag of organic fruits and vegetables from a co-op held at Aberdeen Universtity. For £5 a week, I get a huge bag of whatever organic fruits and veggies are available on the market. I hope this will be a good avenue to support our temple of the holy spirit. Last night I used the organic potatoes to make roasted potatoes (real easy: peel and cut potatoes, add sunflower oil, fresh cut garlic, cut onions, and your choice of seasonings: I used sage, thyme, italian seasonings- put in the oven at 375 til roasted and wha la!) served with tomato (came from the organic bag!), mozzarella and chicken salad. (pretty simple as well: cut tomatos and mozzarella and layer in a circle on a plate, top with sliced onions. Mix cooked cut chicken into some balsamic vinegar, oil, basil, garlic, italian seasonings and top this onto the plate. Yum!) Then, serve with some sparkling grape juice- below is a picture of dinner.

thanks for reading!