This afternoon I was reading through Genesis 1 and the last few verses really blessed me. It states,

29 -30 Then God said, “I’ve given you
every sort of seed-bearing plant on Earth
And every kind of fruit-bearing tree,
given them to you for food.
To all animals and all birds,
everything that moves and breathes,
I give whatever grows out of the ground for food.”
And there it was.

31 God looked over everything he had made;
it was so good, so very good!
It was evening, it was morning—
Day Six.

Isn’t it amazing that the “so very good” things God made were given to us? Often times we lurk into a “woe is me” attitude and neglect to remember that from the very first chapter of the Bible- God instituted a creation to bless and fulfill our needs and desires. Praise to the Lord for very good food!

What are you thankful for?

Thanks for reading!