Do it yourself!

Having moved here just a little over a month ago I have a itch to “complete” my home. There are visions and aspirations for this cozy little abode. I want to fix it all now so I can relax and bask in the reflection of what I think is comforting. Though, I am quite certain that it would not honor the Lord or my husband to swipe my piece of plastic and impulsively decorate it all now.  Patience is a virtue, and gradually I hope to form my heart and my home into a place that would honor him. Perhaps I will be able to share with you some of our renovations over the next few months and years that might profit your place as well.

Plan of action:

1. Pray- Though trivial, God made me and he cares about me. If I have too vain or materialistic a desire in wanting to complete my home, I want him to refine me. Also, I don’t belive that it is dumb to ask God to help you decorate your home. This is the season of life that I am in, and I am in a relationship with the Lord. I can pray both with adoration and with my requests.

2. Find what you like! I want a beautiful wreath to display on my front door. I think it is welcoming for the first appearance of our home to look asthetically pleasing to the eye. It makes it inviting and warm in my opinion. There were homemade wreaths at a quaint store in historic downtown wakeforest (nc) that would be my lofty desire of what I would like. It was a wood wreath with various colors of dried flowers creating a modern yet classy work of art. At a minimal these flowered wreaths are $50.00, plus international shipping.

3. Devise a scheme to work these attractive features into something more affordable if not free. I found this online in a google images search, which are similar to the above mentioned wreaths, but can be made at home. This was discovered at

4. Then make it! I asked a dear friend much more craftier than I how to attempt to make such a lovely wreath. Sarah Niemann advises,

“it looks like it’s made from a bunch of pieces of paper that are just rolled up into kind of flowery irregular cones. get whatever paper you want to use, and cut it into maybe 3″ or 4″ wide strips, however long you want it to be to make each cone look kind of flowery. it looks like the edges of the cones in the picture are kind of frilly, so you could cut the edges with a scalloped pair of scissors (u know that scissors that cut cute borders?). you might want to make the outside edge (the outside edges of the cone) a little wavy so it looks sort of flower petaly when you roll up the paper. then i would just roll each strip of paper up so that the inside edge is tight together, the other edge wide, so it’s kind of like a spiraly flower… that’s the part i don’t know how to explain well without actually showing you. you obviously want the strip to end up looking like a cone, but sort of wavy and irregular. once you figure out how to do that – make a ton of them, and then glue them together onto your base so that it looks similar to the one in the pic. you might use some sort of wreath base – metal or wood or cardboard, something that you can glue onto and that’s the basic shape and size that you want your final wreath to be. i would use hot glue or some other kind of strong glue – super glue if you’re feeling brave.”

5. Enjoy your desires without the cost.

I’ll try to post a picture of the completed product when I have it finished within the next few weeks.

What are some ways you were able to save money and still get what you wanted, I’m looking for great ideas!

Thanks for reading!