Today Augustine successfully ate his first meal of bananas. The following includes pictures of the preparation and a video of it all going down. Enjoy!

These are some of the supplies I purchased when I decided I would be making Augustine’s food from home. I love the idea that it will save a TON of money, and I know exactly what he is eating. No worries about preservatives or artificial flavorings. And did I mention it is sooo cheap?! Above is a book called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. She explains everything you need to know to make baby/toddler food. In addition to that I just purchased a baby food processor (though you can use a blender or you own food processor) and some baby food cube trays (here again, you can also just use ice cube trays).

Next, I purchased some organic bananas. I was wavering back and forth as to whether to pursue the organic game or use regular fruits and veggies. However, Bananas are on the top of the list for fruits that you should invest money in purchasing organic. First, they really were only 20 more pence, so it really wasn’t a lot of money wasted for saving Augustine’s health. Second, the banana peel is sprayed with pesticides that can seep into the banana itself as it is porous. So, did I really want my child eating fungicides on his first meal? Nah. Third, I think this is probably the most important, “if I can’t buy organic food, I don’t sweat it” a dear friend of mine advised me, “I buy what meat is available and organic fruits and veggies when I see them, but that is all I can do. Do what you can, ask the Lord to protect your children, but don’t stress about it.”

These are the burp clothes and bib to wipe away all the leftover of the banana, and a cool feeding spoon given to Augustine as a baby gift. (Thanks Mrs. Christy) This allows you to squirt the food out, instead of having to feed out of a bowl or cup. This is another picture of where we decided to feed Augustine. We wanted him to be upright, so we decided his walker would be the best place.

So, I opened up our new food processor, inserted a half of a banana, and turned on the outlet for the beginning of the baby food making bonanza!

Then I blended the banana enough that no lumps were showing. Since this is his first meal, we don’t want him to have any trouble digesting the food. It is also helpful that the consistency is pretty liquid-y, so I added some water. And then blended some more!

The great thing about making your own baby food is that a little bit can go a long way! Augustine will only eat about one or two teaspoons of this puree his first meal. So, we put that in the feeder. The rest of the banana can be used for your own eating pleasure, a starter for banana bread, or you can freeze the rest of it to use on other days. One banana made 6 servings!

Here I froze the left-overs and loaded up his baby-feeder for immediate use of one of the servings.

The final steps included making a bottle of a few ounces of water available for Augustine to drink after his bananas were eaten. It is important that his kidneys get enough water during his introduction to new solid foods. Shaun and I were super siked about him eating, and made sure we created a happy, relaxing atmosphere for Augustine to enjoy mealtime!

Augustine got up from his nap, I nursed him a little bit so he wasn’t ravenous. And then, he ate! See the video-clip below for how it went!

Here are a few final pictures of the fun event, along with our yummy meals too!

The End!