This morning we awoke to a snow-covered Aberdeen. It was really lovely. Shaun and I managed to throw a few snowballs at each other before I made him quit to preserve my hair. Yes, I want my hair to stay dry as long as possible because it keeps me warm.

We enjoyed scones and tea this morning as we read 1 Samuel 22. Last night I managed to whip up some home-made scones from a British recipe. I even purchased clotted cream (As they call it) to top along with some raspberry jam. This was a glorious combination. Rest-assured these will be made again. I love seeking God as a family. Augustine was awake and sat on our lap as Shaun read to us. I look forward to the days of his future when he will be able to participate in our discussion. This particular passage references David’s victory over the Phillistines despite popular opinion of a defeat. The Lord told him that victory was in his hands and sure enough, he won. There is quite a contrast of spoken-verbal response to prayers in the Old Testament in opposition to our prayers. I can’t imagine what it would be like to hear God’s real, audible voice. We also discussed how Saul spoke of being on God’s side while he ordered 85 of the priests to be killed. How ironic. I guess many people still claim God’s name today and act completely sinful. It certainly makes one consider his actions. God does not change just because we claim him, if that makes sense.

Later in the day we went to get Shaun orientated at school and were treated to some complimentary coffee and biscuits. yum. We concluded the evening by having dinner with another American couple studying here at the Uni (better known as the University). They were previously from SEBTS, so it was refreshing to converse about common names and places that were familiar to us both.

Looking forward to going to church tomorrow. There is a lunch after church service featuring a missionary from Papua, New Guinea. I have actually wanted to go on a missions trip to this location ever since I was in the 6th grade and completed a history project on it. I am interested to meeting with the elders and Scots to learn of their doctrine and worship. Shaun and I want to know what church we are getting plugged into. We want to support whole-heartedly the place we decide to call our body. Thus, this process is perhaps a tad bit more tedious than others. In any case I am looking forward to it.

Augustine was full of smiles today. I read him 4 books. Mom is a speech-pathologist and she informed me that he can understand what is going on at 8 months. So read we shall! He is starting to say “hey”, well kinda. I also purposely spent time just playing with him instead of multi-tasking. I truly adore being a mom, it is so fulfilling. I love that God put these desires within me when he created me.

Last thing, yesterday Shaun took a trip to St. Andrews with a friend, as the friend needed to retrieve some books from a library. I totally forgot that Shaun had this trip planned and did not set aside any plans to occupy my time. On top of this, it snowed. Thus, my normal places of familiarity were much more difficult to access as we are walking everywhere. I had to pray a lot for help. I really do thrive off of social events or the security of my husband. I love Scotland and being here, but it was difficult to be alone for a day. I think it was good to be needy of the Lord. Just thought I’d put my thoughts out for the whole world to see…

the end.