Hello everyone-

Thanks so much for your prayers, we needed them. It is so evident you have been praying, as the Lord has provided the finances, visas, and a place to stay here in Scotland. We love it here. We have met a lot of friends who have really welcomed us and are enjoying getting adjusted to the Scottish way of doing things. We live on the fourth floor of a building right nearby the university where Shaun is attending. Our Flat is a lovely one-bedroom apartment with a modern kitchen, a living room with an amazing view of the city (you can even see King’s College where Shaun attends school), a bathroom, and a nice bedroom. We feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to secure this flat from the States so that we were able to move right in from the airport. Some sweet friends here even filled our frig with goodies and turned the heat on! We have had a chance to meet two of our neighbors,  both are from Nigeria (as 19% of the students of the university are international). On our way downstairs one day this week, Pamela (one of the Nigerian girls) was loudly blaring music tunes of “I am a friend of God” and “You are good, all the time, and all the time, you are good!”- we felt right at home!
We are currently trying to find a church home. Unfortunately this area is very nonreligious. They have reconstructed churches to become bars, concert halls, or restaurants. The largest church here will probably not have more than 200-300 people in attendance (not quite like Faith!). Though we are looking forward to attending a baptist church tomorrow and getting plugged in somewhere very soon! I am hoping to possibly get back into a music ministry, as I have not been able to since pregnancy. Please pray that the Lord would direct us where to go and what ministry to plug into.
Things are a bit different, the weather is pretty consistent (unlike NC), and tends to be a bit chilly with some wind and rain. Though, it is still remarkably beautiful. The old buildings are picturesque and make us giddy with excitement knowing that Shaun will be able to study inside such amazing architecture. Some friends let us borrow a rain cover for our stroller, so we manage to get around town with ease. We do not have a car, and have enjoyed getting accustomed to walking around 3-5 miles a day. A good portion of the population do not have cars, thus the city is very accommodating to walkers. I love the fact that this exercise will be a regular part of our routine.

We have been able to do some shopping too! We arrived a few weeks before class starts (Feb 1st) in order to get accustomed to everything together. Shaun bought me a pair of leggings, evidently that is one of the styles here and I have boldly embraced it! There are 5 Starbucks here, which is glorious! I asked for a white chocolate mocha, and evidently the closest to such a drink is a white cafe latte? It was still great, but no comparison. Our favorite place though has been “The Coffeehouse” it is a small little place that has window seats and plays classy music. Shaun needed to get some online work accomplished this week, so we were able to stop in and enjoy this lush place. We tried a London Fog, it consists of Hot Earl Grey Tea, frothed milk, and a shot of vanilla- yum! I will try to post pictures of some other time we decide to drop in there. Unfortunately my carry-on bag has still not arrived which contained our camera battery charger, so our battery has already died. Hopefully it will arrive soon, and pictures will be up and coming!
Augustine is doing really well. He has already seen his doctor and updated his prescription of Acid Reflux- which was FREE (thank- you government health care!). He is almost back to sleeping through the night on Scotland time (5 hours ahead). We are actually putting him in the bathroom (scare I know) for him to “cry-it out” until he gets back on a solid routine. Last night was our second night of “cry it out” and he only cried for 15-20 minutes, so hopefully all will be back to normal very soon! Shaun surprised me a took me on a date this week, to see the play of Pride and Prejudice at His Majesty’s Theatre. I loved it! This is a “must-see” should you ever visit Scotland. During Intermission they serve ice-cream for purchase. I thought this was a tad ironic since it was already cold outside. However, it sold like crazy. It is interesting to reflect on a culture from the outside looking in. I wonder if ice-cream is only popular because it is traditionally sold, and is popular to be seen eating it. [i.e. any food item can be sold for a steep price and people will buy it to be seen with it] Just something Shaun and I were debating.  Augustine was able to make some new friends with a lovely couple who offered to babysit in exchange for us watching their kids sometime- great exchange I think! Augustine is really enjoying hanging out with kids his age, I think he has needed a break from us Adults 🙂
Shaun and I are reading Sacred Marriage together to accomplish some of my upcoming reading for class. This spring I am taking Marriage and Family at SEBTS, and am really looking forward to it. While reading the book together, this quote convicted me, “In a man-centered view we will maintain our marriage as long as our earthly comforts, desires, and expectations are met. In a God-centered view we preserve our marriage bc it brings glory to God & points a sinful world to a reconciling Redeemer.” How often I do not remind myself of the true reason of marriage? Shaun was quick to remind me that a godly marriage can contain earthly comforts, desires, and fulfilled expectations; though how much more should we strive to please the Lord?

I am hoping to decorate our flat with some verses or quotes to remind me of this truth. I found some cool ideas here: http://wallwords.com/index.asp. But I think I can find it cheaper on ebay- hope so anyway. Shaun has graciously allowed me to purchase a few materialistic items to make me feel at home. We put up some picture frames, he purchased some roses for me, candles, and even sugar cubes for my tea! Things are really coming together!

Thanks again for all your care and prayers. We also have a US phone number that has unlimited minutes to and from the US, it is 919-324-7768. Our new address is Top Floor, Left Flat 59G Orchard Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK AB24 3DB.

Thanks for reading!